Recently promoted to Associate, Andy Yuen is a Chartered Professional Engineer with extensive experience in the design and certification of a wide variety of structures across a range of sectors such as residential, industrial, commercial, maritime and transport.

An expert in the analysis and behaviour of structures, Andy specialises in complex projects that require advanced knowledge of structural analysis. He is a client-focused engineer with strong communication skills, creativity and a collaborative approach.

Andy has a strong interest in environmental conservation and promotes the use of sustainable materials and renewable technologies.

What does your role involve at XK?

When I am not busy beating our MD at table tennis, I lead and support a talented team of engineers to deliver a range of technical and complex projects. My role includes developing complex concepts and solutions, project management, leading our Remedial/Adaptive reuse department while ensuring the successful delivery of our projects.

Best thing about being an engineer?

Collaborating with a wide range of professionals to provide solutions to complex problems in the “real” world and the application of sciences within a very “human” environment.

I am an expert in?

Most things (provided I am allowed unlimited phone-a-friends). Practical thinking with strong technical knowledge in steel and concrete design and vibrations.

Leading our Remedial / Adaptive Reuse department, which projects are you working on?

Having just recently delivered Pallas House, a high-end refurbishment commercial building for developer Fortis, we have been appointed to engineer their new commercial acquisition, N.2 Guilfoyle. Additionally, we are working with developers Trafalgar and architects ACA, on upgrading the Beaumont Village shopping centre with a new undercover gym.

We are also working with developer IRIS Capital to deliver landmark projects such as the Lowestoft, Bourbon Hotel, Radnor, Commodore & Empire Hotel in Potts Point and 42 North Steyne, Manly.

What is great about working at XK?

The chaos, both good and bad; and being a part of the company’s drive and determination to provide a rewarding, supportive, and inclusive workplace, under the guidance of Feris Chehade and Jyana Mareko.

What excites you about the future in this industry?

The positive changes of the DBP Act 2020, which will improve the quality and amount of sleep that engineers get on a nightly basis. Lastly, shaping our built environment to keep pace with technology, “better living” and ever decreasing green-field sites available for development. This should drive a continued stream of “Adapt and Re-use” type project, especially around the CBD areas of Sydney and the other major cities along the eastern seaboard of AUS – and XK plan to be at the forefront of this.

Finally, we have asked our team what they think about you…

“Andy is the world’s best table tennis player and should be competing in the Tokyo Olympics”

 “Managing many projects at the same time while delivering with high quality.”

“Andy takes pride in his work and always have time for his peers.”

“He takes accountability seriously and is excellent with customer service.”

“He is always a step ahead of his projects while making sure his clients constantly receive the best advice and support.”