Our Expertise

We work to find solutions, not problems, where technical excellence is a non-negotiable

Each of our services is led by a team of industry experts who ensure that excellence underpins every one of our projects.

Engaging Xavier Knight from project inception creates the opportunity to experience the true synergy of our processes and services. We work closely with our clients and partners, across a broad range of specialisations, to deliver projects to the highest standard that they possibly can be.

Our Services

Structural Engineering

We design with a responsibility for the future and longevity of our projects, and are committed to employing innovative solutions that ensure the most valuable outcome for our clients and the community.
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Civil and Stormwater

Our team applies their deep knowledge and expertise to the planning and management of the essential services that ensure communities are provided with a safe and reliable built environment.
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Façade Engineering

Our engineers apply the science of structural anatomy, environment and aesthetics to create garments for structures that are both functional and beautiful, whilst communicating the identity of a built form.
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Digital Engineering

We use progressive technologies to improve coordination, planning and risk control for our clients, delivering added value at every stage of the journey.
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Construction Engineering

Our team synergises both digital and construction engineering to bring the building process to life. We organise projects with an intricate and holistic understanding of all phases of construction.
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Our Process

Our mission to raise the standard of engineering services available in our built environment is embedded in our comprehensive design management process.



  1. Understand project opportunity
  2. Carry out initial risk review
  3. Assess project suitability
  4. Prepare draft proposal
  5. Complete internal review and verification of proposal
  6. Submit proposal to client
  7. Negotiate and finalise agreement
    Establish project in systems



  1. Confirm project team and budget
  2. Carry out detailed risk review
  3. Develop Project Quality Assurance Plan
  4. Conduct internal Project Team Kick-Off Meeting
  5. Attend and contribute to Project Kick-Off Meeting with client and project partners
  6. Commence project delivery



  1. Determine project approach and carry out preliminary designs
  2. Project Director Review and verification to ensure project approach will meet client brief
  3. Develop and coordinate project deliverables with project team
  4. Review and check of project deliverables in accordance with Project Quality Assurance plan
  5. Review and verification of all project deliverables against project brief and client expectations
  6. Complete independent engineering verification and audit activities
  7. Issue approved deliverables to client



  1. Review and close out contractual obligations
  2. Finalise invoicing and payments
  3. Seek client and partner feedback
  4. Facilitate Project Team Debrief Meeting
  5. Share lessons learned and action opportunities for improvements
  6. Update marketing database
  7. Finalise admin and close out project on system