A very slender 22-level tower with 4-level basements, offering retail and commercial spaces and 90 residential apartments.

With a remarkable aspect ratio of 6:1, its structural behaviour is similar to a much taller building, requiring careful attention and assessment of its dynamic responses to lateral loads.

Architecturally, the layout design is centered around full feature glazing, providing spectacular district views to one side of the building. To achieve this, the service cores were placed at the opposite side of the elevation, presenting complex structural challenges to be addressed due to the torsional effects that need to be balanced.

Our team has developed a solution to minimise transfer floors, reducing construction costs and allowing for faster construction cycles. The optimization of the column positions allowed floor plates with column free obstructions, complementing the design philosophy and offering value to the future residents.

Our engagement includes façade design and sketches, façade performance brief and specifications.