The development is the transformation of an existing 5 storey office building into a new 8 storey boutique Art Hotel in Pyrmont. The alterations and additions to the existing building included the demolition of the upper two floors and the construction of three additional levels.

The structural DNA of the existing building has been leveraged throughout the design process, integrating old and new elements.  To achieve the architectural vision for the open spaces whilst accommodating an economical floor layout above, our structural team minimised the spatial impact to the 90+year old brick piers by strengthening the load path using 50mm thick jacketing and collar-like footing systems. The new floors were designed in light steel and composite construction.

Our Façade team designed the 4.5-metre glass façade structure enclosing the top floor of the building, supported by and fixed to the steel work with spider-fittings. Given the significant wind load due to the height and waterfront location, we carried out detailed desktop wind analysis and assessment.