A multi-stage refurbishment and expansion of the existing shopping centre in Beaumont Hills. The development consisted of a major extension to the existing centre with a new basement carpark and 2 levels of retail and commercial office space, including outdoor dining terraces and architectural feature roof and columns.

The structure is a reinforced concrete frame with post-tensioned floor slabs and a steelwork roof.

The façade featured distinctive external V-shaped columns, extensive glazed curtain walls to maximise the passage of light, external operable louvres to control the level of sunlight and regulate internal temperature, and a large cantilever canopy to the east, over a wide outdoor terrace.

After careful design and collaboration with the fire engineer and architect, we were able to utilise the decorative V-shaped columns as structural columns, thereby reducing the need for additional internal supports. The other internal columns were setback from the glazed façade line to reduce their influence on the curtain wall and external visuals. The floorplates and steel roof were designed to cantilever to the building edge. The operable louvres were suspended off an intricate system of steelwork, projecting beyond the façade line.

The development also consisted of a refurbishment of the existing centre with a new lift, stairs, ramps and lobby. The old main entry has been revamped with a new cantilever awning over the main entry doors, designed using steelwork. There is also a new early-learning centre, designed with a glass panel roof.

Providing value-engineering services, our solution offered harmonious interface between existing and proposed structures, enabling seamless and cost-effective project execution.

Our close collaboration with the project team contributed to the successful delivery of this complex project that provided value to the client and benefits to the community of Beaumont Hills.