The 25,000 sqm industrial complex consists of 8 warehouse blocks with 10,000 sqm of internal warehouse space. Situated along the ridge of an escarpment near the Sydney Water reservoir, the site presented significant structural, geotechnical, and civil earthworks and drainage challenges.

Using 12D software, we designed the site to maximize cut-fill balance, reducing the amount of material to be removed from the site. Working closely with geotechnical engineering specialists, we supported the builder through the challenges of constructing alongside the ridge, including the design and the construction of a 12m high soil-nail retaining wall. Our innovative solutions considerably reduced the project construction cost and duration.

Our designs integrated DfMA prefabricated elements, including load-bearing precast concrete panels for the walls and steelwork for the roof, increasing the speed of construction. We used a post-tensioned slab, suspended up to 10m above the ground, to create a level platform extending out from the side of the hill.