A civil engineer with over 10 years’ experience, Scott specialises in providing civil and stormwater engineering solutions for complex problems. He has a proven track record of continually delivering results while providing exceptional value to his projects. 

His strong technical skills mean that Scott is able to produce efficient and sustainable turn-key solutions that meet his clients’ expectations.

Tell us a bit about you:

I am 33 years old, born and raised in Newcastle where I played state-level cricket at all junior levels. I have been lucky enough to travel to different countries in my pursuit of semi-professional cricket. Having graduated from the University of Newcastle (BE Civil & Environmental) and moving to Sydney, I then dedicated myself to my engineering career and by osmosis, found myself in the personal development space.

Over the past five or so years, I have enjoyed joining seminars, reading books and listening to podcasts in the personal development arena (likes of Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Robin Sharma). My strong interest in this space led me to complete a life coaching course. As a certified coach, I implement all the tools and strategies learnt during the certification process into any environment I step into.

As a leader at XK, what is your vision for the company?

From my experience, particularly in the building and urban development space, clients have a strong reliance on engineering consultants to deliver the best outcomes. My vision for XK is to be known as the leader in providing expert engineering advice and value add to projects whilst growing relationships that allow for win/win outcomes.  

I am an expert in…..?

I have a strong technical background in stormwater management & flood analysis. Over the past 10 years, I have worked mainly in civil design for a wide range of different sectors, including roads, mining, energy and land development. My strongest technical skills and where I have seen the best value provided is in the building and urban development sector.

Outside of engineering design, I consider myself as having a strong background in people management and working to bring out the best in individuals

In your perspective, what trends are we seeing in civil engineering?

Trends that I believe are relevant in the civil engineering space, are sustainability and environmentally supported outcomes. In the urban development and building sector, local and state governments will be increasing onerous and seeking positive outcomes that demonstrate reduced pollutants, more natural forms of cooling the atmosphere (i.e. less concrete exposure and more green options), re-use of existing materials, reduction in overall carbon use in materials and long term sustainable outcomes.

There is no doubt that NSW is going through a transformation in the transport and infrastructure sector. All proposed urban developments surrounding these significant government initiatives will need to consider sustainability and environmentally sensitive outcomes that focus on carbon footprint reduction.

What three projects have shaped your career?

I thought long and hard about this one. I don’t feel that projects have shaped my career; however, I do feel that the following have contributed to shaping it:

  • Having great mentors to learn from
  • Building my emotional, physical, mindfulness attributes to overcome challenges
  • Enjoying the process, exposure to creating successful outcomes for businesses and celebrating the wins with great people.

Finally, what are you looking forward to at XK?

I am looking forward to leading a team, leading our culture, delivering great value to our clients and celebrating the rewards of that value.