History shapes our communities. While we build and progress with new developments, revitalising our heritage precincts allows us to preserve and feed the culture that history has brought us.

Working alongside Iris Capital, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects, and Panov-Scott, our team has been providing structural, façade retention, civil and construction engineering services for the socially and historically significant redevelopment of Queensgate in Potts Point.

The development involves the revitalisation of five iconic heritage buildings, bringing new life into Sydney’s architectural heritage and preserving its rich cultural legacy.

The existing Radnor and Empire buildings are being replaced, and the Lowestoft, Bourbon, and Commodore buildings are undergoing heritage façade retention and building construction. The transformed block will feature two pubs, a hotel, a medical centre, retail tenancies, and 48 apartments, all seamlessly integrated. A new four-level basement will be constructed for services, storage, parking, and a commercial tenancy.

One of the main challenges of the development lies in the preservation of the heritage façades of Lowestoft, Bourbon, and Commodore, which will play an important role in maintaining the historic fabric of the surrounding 19th and 20th century architecture. Our construction engineering experts developed innovative designs that allow the erection of temporary steel frames to support the existing façades with minimal impact to its aesthetics. These steel frames are strategically positioned to align with the future construction of the buildings and will be removed once the façades are tied in permanently to the built form.