XK is teaming up with industry partners to establish a safer and more sustainable healthcare environment.
St. Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst is a private hospital dedicated to providing integrative care for its patients. As part of the hospital’s continuous efforts to better serve the community, our Façade Team has been engaged to contribute to the upgrades of the Aikenhead and Centre for Immunology buildings.

Our façade engineers provided practical designs and intricate detailing for the replacement aluminium façade cladding. The work involved the removal of the existing compressed fibre cement cladding to address weatherproofing issues and enhance the building envelope appeal. The new non-combustible cladding will ensure the safety of patients and caregivers while increasing the buildings’ longevity.

Throughout the entire design and construction stages, our façade team has worked closely with Construction Consultants and project partners. Our proactive and meticulous approach has led to cost savings and minimised delays, ensuring a smooth and efficient project execution.