“No project is a success without the collective effort of its entire team."

Last Friday marked a significant moment in the world of urban development as the spotlight shone on the exceptional accomplishments of industry partners during the prestigious UDIA NSW 2023 Awards for Excellence. This event serves as a platform to honour those who have consistently demonstrated their unwavering dedication to the creation of safe, innovative and sustainable urban developments.

Feris Chehade, the Managing Director of XK, shared his sentiments on the occasion, emphasising the importance of collaboration and collective effort in achieving success within the realm of urban development.

“No project is a success without the collective effort of its entire team, which was exemplified by the finalists on the night,” he said. “I think it is fair to say we all leave the event each year with a sense of fulfilment. Witnessing the triumphs of our peers who share a common commitment to fostering urban spaces further inspires the vision of a brighter future for our industry.”

It was evident that the finalists showcased a remarkable fusion of creativity, determination, and expertise throughout the evening, with the projects presented standing as testaments to visionary thinking and meticulous execution.

As sponsors of the evening, Feris and Jyana Mareko (XK General Manager) presented accolades to the teams that distinguished themselves in the Apartments Mid-Rise category.

Patrick and Mark Elias from Urban Property Group, Andrew McAnulty from Link Wentworth, along with their partners DKO Architecture, Turf Design Studio, and SDA provider MyLife Housing, were celebrated for their affordable housing project, Navali.

This project emerged as a compelling embodiment of how thoughtful design can uplift an entire community. Rejecting the notion that location or market dynamics should compromise quality, the team’s innovative work stood as a testament to their unwavering dedication to delivering a project that offers a home to those who need it most.

The mixed-use development is located in the centre of Penrith, and stands 9-storeys high with 163 apartments in total, including 18 NDIS apartments and 10 affordable housing spaces, with 5 retail tenancies and an on-site gym.

Charles Martin, James Webb from Hannas, and the Golden Age Group were acknowledged with a Commendation in the Apartments Mid-Rise category for their remarkable creation, The Harrington Collection. This recognition is a testament to their ability to marry aesthetic elegance with practical functionality, resulting in a development that enhances the urban landscape.

Events like the UDIA Awards for Excellence can’t be overstated.

Events like the UDIA Awards for Excellence can’t be overstated, they serve as a beacon of inspiration and a showcase of what the future of urban development holds.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists. Each of their projects collectively demonstrated that the pursuit of excellence within urban development is a path that not only yields remarkable outcomes but also contributes positively to the communities they shape.

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