“We must take stewardship in our profession. Engineers play a critical role in our industry and community…”  

As many of our industry know, there has been a far and wide cry for improvement in the quality and standards of construction. A calling that has only strengthened with the reporting of various construction shortcomings, and in some cases, failures.

Those cries have been heard, and recently Matt Press, Director of the NSW Office of the Building Commissioner (OBC), notified that “Audits of Class 2 buildings both under construction and those completed in the last 6 years have identified a need to improve and raise standards of practice amongst engineering professionals.”

To support the lifting of engineering standards in our industry in alignment with the DBPA, the OBC established an industry working group to assist with the development of an Engineering Practice Standard in NSW.

XK Founder and Managing Director, Feris Chehade, was recently appointed as a member of this group. The team is to be led by honorary Chair Mr Brian Farmer, supported by Prya Ajit, along with Matt Press and others.

“I’m looking forward to stepping into this position to further support growth and quality in our industry,” Feris commented. “Throughout my professional career, I’ve always had a personal responsibility to provide quality designs that will stand the test of time.”

“It is an honour to be part of a team where we can increase the standards of engineering and building practice within the industry and help rebuild public confidence in buildings by delivering trustworthy and reliable engineering solutions.”

XK is deeply aligned to our role as stewards, moulding the futures of our communities through our practice, and consistently seeking new ways to apply innovation and expertise to our work, and industry. “We must take stewardship in our profession. Engineers play a critical role in our industry and community, which is why I am committed to achieving the best outcomes  

Reforms are not an overnight venture, and professionals of our industry need to continue working collaboratively across various building sector stakeholders to improve current systems and enhance the quality of buildings built. The establishment of the DBPA working group is a certain and foundational step forward to progression.

If you would like to contribute a consideration to the development of this standard, please send an email to info@xavierknight.com.au to share any perspectives and suggestions on what you believe should be included or considered.