Promoting trust, excellence and sustainability in engineering practices.

Xavier Knight has emerged as a pioneer in the engineering industry, becoming the first Engineering firm in Australia to achieve a Gold Star iCIRT Rating, awarded by independent regulated ratings agency Equifax1.

Rating solutions have been identified as a critical component of the comprehensive reforms introduced by David Chandler, NSW Building Commissioner, and Construct NSW to elevate building standards and restore consumer confidence in New South Wales. 

Xavier Knight’s Founder and Managing Director, Feris Chehade, said that this recognition comes from our consistent commitment to upholding high-quality design and engineering practices, resulting in the delivery of safe buildings across various sectors, including residential, aged care, commercial, and hospitality.

“We are proud to be not only the first but also the only engineering firm in Australia to be awarded the Gold Star rating so far,” said Mr Chehade.

President of Engineers Australia Sydney Division, Professor Olivia Mirza, said ”I am absolutely thrilled to extend my congratulations to Xavier Knight and the entire team for being the first engineering firm to be recognised as “Trustworthy” by Equifax’s iCIRT Rating process. Showcasing this achievement would really reaffirm ‘trust’ as a key value of the engineering profession. This outstanding achievement is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative approach, and dedication to delivering exceptional results in the engineering industry.”

“Built upon a philosophy to ‘enrich lives’ of the people around us, Xavier Knight’s primary focus is on delivering quality and certainty to our clients and community. We are a trusted business known for our sustainability and resilience, ensuring that our clients can rely on us to provide trustworthy outcomes,” said Mr Chehade.

Xavier Knight awarded iCIRT trophy for Gold Star Rating
Xavier Knight awarded iCIRT gold star rating, trophy presented by Brad Walters
Xavier Knight is the first engineering firm in Australia to be awarded Gold Star iCIRT rating by Equifax. Brad Walters presents their trophy.

“We are proud to be not only the first but also the only engineering firm in Australia to be awarded the Gold Star iCIRT rating so far.”

Equifax’s Head of Product and Rating Services, Brad Walters, said “Equifax is pleased to announce that Xavier Knight achieved a Gold Star iCIRT rating, making them the first engineering firm to receive a Gold Star rating in Australia. Following a comprehensive, independent, and rigorous review, Xavier Knight has shown strong performance across all assessment criteria.

“The Gold Star iCIRT Rating underscores the pivotal role engineers play in delivering trustworthy built assets. This achievement highlights Xavier Knight’s dedication to quality, safety and sustainability.

“Engineers’ role in rebuilding trust and transparency within the building and construction sector is critical. Xavier Knight’s accomplishments deserve acknowledgment for making a significant impact on raising industry standards and inspiring others in their field,” said Mr Walters.

“I am incredibly proud to be part of a team who are working to increase the standards of engineering and building practice within the industry and help rebuild public confidence in buildings by delivering trustworthy and reliable engineering solutions,” said Mr Chehade.

Driving change in the construction industry.

At the forefront of driving positive change in the construction industry, Feris Chehade is also a member of the Engineering Practice Standard (EPS) Working Group created by the Office of the Building Commissioner. The EPS Working Group was established to assist in the development of an Engineering Practice Standard in New South Wales.

Xavier Knight’s General Manager, Jyana Mareko, said the Gold Star rating is a testament to our commitment to high-quality standards that are applied to all projects. “Our operational business model plays a crucial role in delivering design excellence and maintaining high quality.”

“Our journey to a Gold Star rating has been one of continuous investment in robust quality and risk management systems. Our approach optimises opportunities and minimises risks throughout the entire project life cycle. By doing so, we strategically position ourselves to maintain quality, overcome challenges, provide engineering value adds, and ultimately achieve optimum outcomes for our clients,” said Ms Mareko.

“Our structural, façade and civil teams have decades of experience and knowledge which, combined with our technology and data-driven processes, enables us to engineer with increased precision, leading to optimum outcomes that set new industry standards,” added Ms Mareko.


Digital transformation is shaking our industry.

Mr Chehade stated, “Through advanced digital solutions, Xavier Knight leverages data to respond quickly to new trends that may impact our projects while delivering more value to our clients. We improve coordination, collaboration, efficiency, planning, and risk control by applying progressive technologies.”

Xavier Knight has embraced and championed the changes called for in the DBPA to play its part in helping rebuild public confidence in our communities. “In response to the changing landscape of façade engineering and the demands posed by the DBPA regulations, we have proactively strengthened and grown our façade division to assist our clients in the delivery of high-quality building envelope requirements and effective management of risks, including weatherproofing challenges faced by many in the industry,” explained Anthony Farah, Xavier Knight’s Façade Discipline Leader and Technical Director.

“Coupled with the emphasis on design and construction quality in recent years and the initiatives driven by the NSW Building Commissioner to raise industry standards, this serves as a benchmark for engineers to aspire to,” said Mr Walters.


Quality is a non-negotiable.

Xavier Knight’s Civil Discipline Leader, Scott Sharma, said that working with clients and project partners who prioritise quality is a fundamental aspect of our approach. “By aligning our shared goals, we ensure a shared commitment to maintaining stringent design and construction standards, ensuring safety and reliability in every project. These collaborations enable us to create structures that instil confidence and inspire communities,” said Mr Sharma.

Xavier Knight is currently engineering a number of class 2, 3 and 9 buildings, including Pagewood Centro Ucello by Meriton, The Sanctuary by Sekisui House, Rozelle Village by Heworth Group, Queensgate by Iris Capital, Illoura Place by Aware Super and Altis Property Partners, Dapto Stage 3 by Anglicare and Uniting Marion Street by Uniting.

1 Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd (Equifax) is a regulated ratings agency, and issuer of iCIRT. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary within the Equifax Group, a global data, analytics and technology company with a strong local presence in Australia and New Zealand.